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Hellø, fren! I recently made a grøup called The Few Proud Emotional før all the Twenty Øne Piløts fans øut there that alsø enjøy playing Destiny. We are currently quite small at the møment (just me, actually) but that's where yøu come in! We accept all kinds øf players, whether yøu're an extremely cømpettitive Guardian ør just like tø casually strøll thrøugh the støry missiøns.The ønly thing I ask is that all members be at least sømewhat active (I understand we all have lives) and very suppørtive øf eachøther. I'm always willing tø help øut if yøu ever need a raiding ør PvP buddy.

Grøup link:

Thanks før reading! Remeber, stay alive |-/