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I started a clan with a group that I've played with since before the Dark Below dropped. The problem is that there is only 4 of us. So we are always having to lfg people to get stuff done and we all work so cannot always be online everyday. We are all over 21, we are not elitist's however we can get stuff done, but most importantly in my eyes, we always have a good time playing. My clans name is Frustrated Fun. Thats really what this game is to us. Really fun to play, but alot of the b.s ranging from glitchy raids to 30 foot shotgun deaths get frustrating. I'm looking for any one over the age of 21, who is wanting a good group of people to play the game with, and hates having to lfg the 13 year olds to do the raids, or do trials or anything else team oriented. If any one is interested send me a message on xbox at curtisgh0st41. Thanks for reading!