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Would like to find a group of regular Destiny players who are willing to help me enjoy year two end game content. I have just come back to Desiny after a year out and have just finished story for 2 chars, both lvl 40. Warlock is my main (300). I would like to do all raids (Only completed VoG twice) as well as doing all hard quests and other content with chilled out players. Does such a clan exist?

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The Inner Fury is recruiting!!

We are an XB1 team that is about helping each other out or having a great time. We pride ourselves as being a family. The Inner Fury is not about competition or KD/R’s, but more on how you want to enjoy the game. Everyone will get a chance to complete Quests, Missions, Bounties, etc with the help of the team. We just ask you do the same for us in return. If no help is needed, we can just chill and have a great time adventuring through Destiny.

There are a few requirements and regulations:
~Must make The inner Fury your clan.
~Must join the team on the Band app.
~Must be fairly active.
~Must participate, every once in a while, in events that are scheduled.
~Must be 17 years of age or higher, unless allowed otherwise.
~Must have a light level of 300 or higher, unless allowed otherwise.

We are an understanding team. If you have work, school, or a family, we want you to be able to focus on those and we will never demand of your presence away from them.

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