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Attention Guardians

With unrest beyond The Walls of The Last City and tensions amongst the Faction Leaders, Commander Zavala recognized a division is needed to balance the external and internal threats.

Ikora Rey suggested The Hidden, but the clandestine policies conflicted with citizens' legal rights. A vote was determined for Cayde-6 to form the Valor Corps, an unacknowledged operation within the Vanguard.

These Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks serve as Disciples of Light, embedding themselves within New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, and Future War Cult to monitor conspiracies, anarchy, and warmongering.

Will you join the valiant, fight the Darkness, and reprise the second Golden Age?

Valor Corps is looking to recruit 10 new members to our team.

Perks to joining:
We are a small team and everyone knows everybody.
We utilize a smartphone app (BAND) to organize events and chat.
Valor Corps utilizes a system based on moments of triumph to reward members for clan participation, called Medals of Valor.
A new ongoing lore segment has been created for us and will continue to develop as we do.
You will have a group of dedicated, helpful, and skilled guardians available to you to assist in every activity.

What we are looking for:
PS4 players.
Top tier crucible champions. Our PvP strength is above average but not as strong as our raiding capabilities. If you are a trials try hard and are looking to join a dedicated team, join Valor Corps.
Veteran guardians. Whether you're a veteran in real life or a veteran Destiny player who has been around since beta. We want you to be a part of our team.
Raiders. Players experienced with all raids and who are looking forward to the challenge of Wrath of the Machine raid in September.
Adults. Please 18 and older, with a mic.

Click HERE to go to our website, click the join button and submit a request.

Thank you.