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I'm the leader of Is This A Wipe, and I'm looking for some new members on PS4. Currently, we have 4 highly active members, playing everyday. The original purpose of the clan was just to put a name to some friends, but with Rise of Iron coming, we've been wanting more. This clan is going to stay small, max 12 highly active members. The goal is to make a clan that will just be a group of close knit friends to play with, but not exactly casual, either. Raiding and flawless trials runs are a norm right now, but we always have to fill in a few spots with randoms, and we want to change that. I've been playing since alpha, and I have yet to get a solid, consistent group of friends to play with. Others clans I've been in were more of just titles, and I never got close with the members. I want this to be different, so if that's the kind of thing you want, if you've been solo for a long time like I was, come spend some time with us.

So here are the requirements:
16+ years old
Highly Experienced
All of us are on Eastern US time, so keep that in mind
Have a mic
I don't particularly care about your stats, I'd much rather see you play myself

We all love this game to pieces (and love to hate it), and we want some like-minded people

Message Ryan506078 on PSN or Reply here if you're interested