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Something I would love to see added to DTR is a commend/report system. The system would be designed so community members that are helpful and put forth effort into making DTR better are shown. The system would integrate into the current Reputation system by using rep amount to determine how the report and commend system would work.
Let's start by saying there are three users, User A , User B, and User C. In this scenario, User A helps User B and in return, User B commends User A. User C then has the option to anonymously (hiding both players actual usernames so that there is no bias) approve or disapprove the commendation, User C has this ability due to their higher reputation. A 10 person poll is taken on whether the commendation should be approved. If the outcome is approved, User A is granted reputation from User B's commendation and User C is granted reputation for having the correct decision. However, in the event User C's decision is incorrect, reputation is revoked from them.
A system like this would allow users to gain site reputation for being helpful and such, but also would keep users that have the ability to grant or deny reputation in order due to the reward/punish system.

Edit: Came up with two more ideas
I think one thing that would be beneficial to the site is the addition of a community voice server TS, Mumble, Discord (I recommend Discord).

Change the message system to show the entire conversation two people are having rather than just message by message so if you forgot what someone said its as simple as scroll up rather than looking through your messages for the right response.

Edit 2:

1) Add a #sherpa for the chatboxes
Ideas and/or thoughts on these?
Hi Im Swat
Hi Im Swat

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Hey, @Kineticsu thanks for the site suggestion. I can tell you that we do have a major site update in the works and we are looking at ways at which we can improve certain areas of DestinyTracker.

The rep system and stats are areas we are looking to improve so all suggestions are appreciated!