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Hi Guys,

I managed to collect all 50 calcified fragments but when I check in-game, it still indicates that I have 49/50. The Destiny Tracker site confirms that I have all 50. This poses a problem on my end as it was the last step in claiming my Year 2 Emblem and the game is not updating correctly. Can you please provide any guidelines on how to resolve this hiccup before the cut off date to claim my Year 2 emblem?

Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Hi Im Swat
Hi Im Swat

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Hey @Quinsy888

Due to a bug in the Bungie API which is outside of our control, the checklist is off by one fragment. It may display that you have earned all 50 but you might still be missing one.

If you can't remember which fragments you have definitely earned, I recommend watching a guide on YouTube (such as this one) which may help you remember.

Sorry for any inconvenience.