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Hey everybody. With private matches being announced and Destiny looking like it's about to start getting a bit more competitive, I decided to create a new clan on the PS4 for PvP focused players out there who may be looking for a new clan to get into and grind/get better with. It's called the RIPvP Squad and obviously we're looking for above average Guardians at least. I'm no pro but have around a 1.4 K/D overall or something and have been playing since the Beta. If you're interested in joining send a join request over to the Clan/Group called RIPvP Squad on or shoot me a message on PSN at SNCK916

- Have Mic
- Be mature (18+ preferred but not required)
- Don't rage often
- Interest in competitive Destiny
- Located in U.S.
- Minimum 1.0 K/D strongly preferred