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RDG is a smaller clan, 15 members as of this post, with a few extras. We don't have many rules, just that you be ok with a bunch of odd topics and vulgarity. 18+ for that reason as well. As for what times we are available, well, we are a North American based clan, with times from 7:00pm - 1:00am PST, and that's just the usual time zones. You'll find different members that are on and off throughout the day.

As for what we do, we do literally any activity in destiny so long as there's a group of us. We regularly run Vault of Glass (one guy still hasn't gotten his Mythoclast) and if you're a newer player, that's cool too, I will personally help you raise your Light Level. Just one thing, if you are unsure of a raid mechanic, or something, don't be afraid to ask/mention it. It's a lot easier to explain before rather than during. And when Rise of Iron hits, we will be hardcore into it.

If you are interested, hit me up on Xbox at: Fox Olive