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The Spear of Odin is currently looking for people(18+) to join our clan. We are a group of about 40 players who are looking for some new solid people!

Raid Teams
Running every week
Strike Teams
Running for research
Running for fun
Running for drops and rep
Exploring and Lore
Some members are heavy into the lore aspect of the game and love exploring even old raids for clues!
Elite PvE Players
We have an elite few who enjoy the thrill of a challenge:
1 man raids
3 man KF raids
1 man Heroic Strikes
We also have a lot of fun within the clan
6v6 crucible matches only using certain guns
6 man raids where you can only use what drops during the raid
Drunk raids

PvP Side: We are mostly casual, however, we have an elite group within our clan that plays very competitively. We run trials, competitive crucible, casual crucible and even Trials carries!

We use a communication app called slack to talk to each other every day and set up games and such. If you are interested in a non-dramatic, adult oriented and fun community, shoot me an email, xbox message or get in contact with me on skype and we can get started immediately!

Email: [email protected]
Skype: dwans94
gamertag: theWans