Destiny 2 Tracker Network

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Congratulations, you've stumbled upon Heavenly Sword Gaming and you're going to love what we have to offer. We're an Xbox One and PC gaming community that has a dedicated Xbone Destiny Group. You can check out our website here
We require that you be 18+, love Destiny, or gaming in general and have a chill attitude. Yes we love to win, and we do win often, but sometimes we dont, and that's OK too!

We host Raids every Sunday night and Trial runs Friday and Saturdays, Iron Banner Pain Trains, and tons of other stuff. By participating you get points, points turn into prizes, Prizes include:

- Amazon GIft Cards
- Elite Controllers
- Xbox Consoles and much much more!!

If you're interested in joining our community, sign up on the website, leave a message below or hit me up for a party chat

Phew. . . was that infomercially enough? Was channeling my inner Billy Mays for that pos