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Hey guardians! My name is Jay and I am new to the content team here at Destiny Tracker. I am going to post articles about the latest Destiny news and Info! Also I am working on a special project here at DTR and I can not wait to unveil it to you guys!
So, now that Rise of Iron is out, here are a few steps to help you reach a max light of 385! This guide will start with the Taken King quests then lead into Rise of Iron!

1. Complete all the Taken War quests.
2. Farm Taken War Strikes!
3. Use three of coins(obtainable from Xur for 7 strange coins) to get extoic engrams!
Once you reach light level 300 you're just about ready to complete some endgame content! These next steps will help you reach 320!
1. Complete Kings Fall on Normal! If you need a team use the Destiny Tracker LFG site to help you find a fireteam! Here’s the link:
2. Complete level 41 Prison of Elders! The reward screen will drop Rare and Legendary gear up to 320!
3. Rank up factions!
Run Court of Oryx to get your high level artifact and gear! If you need a team use Destiny Tracker LFG!
After completing those steps you should be around 320-330! Now your ready to complete the end game activities! Use LFG if you need a team! Link is here: Now once you have a team you want to:
1. Complete Kings fall on Hard!
2. Complete and Farm Challenge of Elders!
3. Complete Nightfall
4. Always have three of coins active!
5. Rank up factions
6. Farm Court of Oryx!
Depending on how RNG treats you, your light level should be around 334 and 335 if you complete all the steps I listed!
Once you reach light level 330+ you are ready to start Rise of Iron record book! To active the record book, go to progress tab in the menu and unlock the book!
To help you reach light level 365, and become raid ready you should...
1. Complete the rise of iron campaign!
2. All the rare engrams you receive, decode them at the tower/ Felwinter peak!
3. Complete patrol missions and Archon Forge!
4. Grind level 320 vanguard strikes!
5. Grind heroic strikes!
6. Rank up factions!
7. Play crucible to receive high level legendary drops!
By completing all the steps listed above you're light level should be 365 or close!
Now that your light level is above 360, you are ready to start Wrath of the Machine! To find a team use our friendly LFG finder! :)
To increase your light to 385 complete the raid every week, complete weekly nightfall strikes, rank up factions, and complete heroic strikes and use Skelton keys to open the chests at the end! It will take time to reach 360-385 so please do not expect to reach those light levels in 1 play session! Over time as light level increase, I will continue to update this guide!

My name is Jay and I shall see you guys on top of Felwinter Peak!
The Traveler
The Traveler

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Jay Reed said:

Thanks for the guide, Jay! Some feedback, is to use a little text formatting, to make it a little easier to read through. Thanks again!

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xorth said:
Jay Reed said:

Thanks for the guide, Jay! Some feedback, is to use a little text formatting, to make it a little easier to read through. Thanks again!

Thanks for the article! I've added some small formatting touches!

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max is not 385
Jazz Precision
Jazz Precision

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Thank You for the tips.