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Hi Guardians!

The Ebony Dawn is an adult (18+) Play Station 4 clan. We are by no means a professional clan and gaming is just a hobby for us.

We're all about teamwork, chilling, having fun, and making friends! If you're a chill person, who's into helping others and having fun while gaming, we might be the clan for you :) We're an all inclusive clan, so whether you're a seasoned vet or just starting out, you'll always be welcome at The Ebony Dawn.

Feel free to sign up on our forum if this sounds like the place for you

Since we're all adults and realize that we have responsibilities outside of gaming, we don't expect our members to be professional gamers who are online 24/7. Although gaming is a hobby for us, we do have some knowledgeable players who will happily lend you a hand in your journey through Destiny.
Thanks and stay safe Guardians!

PS. Most of our clan mates are located in North America, but we however have a few of people from the UK, and would like to get more players from EU! Gamers from all timezones are welcome!

PPS. We're a decent sized, growing clan. We run whatever the members feel like running. We plan our events and chilling parties using our forum ( We communicate on it constantly, that way new people aren't left behind, and new members don't become another face in the crowd! So register, post often, and you will be part of our Destiny family faster than you can say "Senpai noticed me".