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Tired of doing strikes and wanting to get the raid done? Sick of not completing the raids? Tired of LFG? What about Crucible Runs, PoE's or ToO's? How about finding gaming relationships and friends that are active the same times as you?

Come check us out! xAllegiancex has been around since September of 2014. Since our inception we have grown over 1000+ members strong, and continue to grow on a daily basis! We have different divisions around the world and have members online 24/7 that you can talk to right on our website in the chat!

Here are some perks we provide to Guardians looking to join a Fun, Active & Organized Gaming Community:

Activity: We have several Administrators in xAllegiancex who are required to setup 2 Official xAllegiancex Events per week such as King’s Fall Raids, King’s Fall Raid Training Sessions, Crota Runs, VoG Runs, , PoE and Crucible Events such as Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner Events! Have a unique type of event you'd like run? Just ask in our Official event request forum and one of our Admins will be happy to add one!
Helping Mentality: All administrators as well as members have been trained and focused on one thing: to help others. And that’s what xAllegiancex is here to do. Our administrative team has a saying: "It's not our clan; it's yours!"

Website: [ ] - An official website that gives an organized way to sign up for events. We have active forums for strategies, general discussions and graphic design requests! There are also some fun awards and ranks you can earn!

xAllegiancexTV!: [ Twitch ] - This is our official Twitch Channel! This has a stream of 5-6 hours per day as every official xAllegiancex event is streamed live on our Twitch! Check it out, something could be broadcasting now!

Ranking Systems: We have multiple ranking systems to determine skilled raiders to ones that need a little bit more experience in the battlefield! As well as a crucible ranking system, where you have the potential to win money and possibly some trips? This is a way for us to keep track of individuals, and where help may be needed based on their destiny progress.

How do I join? Well it's simple! Just go to our website to register, then read and follow the entire recruitment application process! Once you've followed all the steps through the recruitment application process your application will be processed and you will be welcomed into the community!!
Thanks so much, we can’t wait for you to join our great community! See you tower-side, Guardians!
-xAx New York Administrator Schuywardbulletz