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Our newest branch, Lux Viatores XERO is a PS4 only clan, focused on the PvP side of Destiny, and is working to grow into a more competitive group. LVX is currently in open-recruitment and seeking fun, friendly, helpful guardians wanting to venture into the competitive world of Destiny.

THIS IS NOT AN ELITE/SWEAT GROUP. We will NEVER ask for new members to have outrageous stats to join. We're here for the fun first, competition second.

LVX asks that members have a minimum average .95 K/D (average based across all characters you have), and ⅓ of your total playtime in Destiny has been in the Crucible. If you meet those requirements and would like to join a more relaxed competitive scene, LVX may be the home for you.

All communication happens through our chat app, Band (available on iOS and Android). This app allows for better organization that the current Bungie clan system and PS Community combined. This is a required app for all members to remain active in the group.