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Iron Banner returns - 6th December 2016!

Begins: Tuesday, December 6th at 10AM.
Ends: Tuesday, December 13th at 1AM.
(Click here to view your local time.)

The game will be Rift!

Every seasoned carrier of the Spark knows that the surest path to igniting the Rift is paved by a willing Fireteam. If playing Destiny up to this point hasn’t inspired you to stack your friends list with some obliging killers, perhaps the lure of a better reputation with Efrideet will deliver that final nudge. She’s got some sweet loot.

Scout Rifles





You have several days to conscript Guardians to create some space for you to dunk. Or perhaps you’d prefer to do the shooting. Rift takes all kinds. If you’re at a loss, make your first post on our Recruitment forum. You’ll find good people there. They’re Guardians, after all.

Take it from an old Bungie Clan Overlord. Having friends at the ready to share a good game with you is a magical thing. If you’re a lone wolf, take your first step into a larger world.

You won’t be sorry you did.