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Bungie Featured ( ... /News/Article/44418) xAlleginancex clan is currently recruiting players on PS4 for all of our North American, European and Australian divisions. We are looking for members who can be team players, mature and friendly.

We have built a community of guardians consisting of over 1200 members!! We coordinate an average of 400+ raids/events a month! There are events for everyone on all timezones:
• Normal & Hard VoG and Crota raids.
• Normal & Hard Kings Fall raids with challenge mode.
• Training raids for those new to raiding.
• Raid practices on sword for Crota & relic on VoG.
• Prison Of Elders 28, 32, 34, 35 and Challenge of Elders.
• Weekly Nightfall
• Crucible events, Iron Banner events, tournaments...
• Speedrun raids, flawless raids...
• Casual / Hardcore Trials of Osiris etc...

Everybody is welcome, from those less experienced that need help to those more experienced that like to help others... all in a fun, positive atmosphere.

To join visit and just follow the instructions on the main page. We have a clan's web page for members that serves as the center of operations, with events calendar, member forum, chat, news, etc.

Also, feel free to check us out at our Twitch channel: ... egiancextv/profile
YouTube Channel: ... 5r59Cahxy6oSaxWLYOPA

Please feel free to contact me or any xAx administrator for any further questions.

PSN: StationFlee
xAx Administrator- Texas Division

P.S. Make sure you mention StationFlee in the recruitment application form. Thank You. Hope to see you all soon!!

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Looking to apply. I am fairly new to the game and looking to play and work as a team. I am on nightly and great team player.

PSN_ Irish309