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Greetings Guardians! As the Content Manager at Destiny Tracker, I am proud to announce the DTR Podcasts Network! The DTR Podcast is partnering with @DestinyLoreCast Destiny Down and Under, RabbitHoleFM & DestinyMBP In this partnership all podcasts will work together on special projects, events, and more! Make sure to follow us [email protected]

Destiny Lore Cast- Discuss the various opinions on the lore of Destiny in a relaxed environment every week with our hosts, PurpleChimera MythosMike and AnonPig as well as various members from the community. Links:

RNGCast- The RngCast is a variety show focused on Destiny but we focus on the random and aren't afraid to go on side tangents. Links:
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Destiny Down and Under -DDU is a uniquely Australian, Irreverent and Informal weekly podcast covering all things Destiny. Hosted by Myelin Games, LogPowerslave and Realtimesloth with Guests including Streamers, Content Creators and Artists from across the globe, anything and everything is on the table for discussion. We welcome all, irrespective of where you come from, provided you respect our national culture of bad language, beer and mateship! Link:
⦁ iTunes-

Destiny Tracker Podcast- The main focus of the DTR Podcast is to provide the community with the latest Destiny news, provide weekly stats, and have an open discussion about a weekly controversial Destiny Community topic! Link:

Rabbit Hole- We explore everything destiny spinfoil, focusing on theorycrafting and theory discussion. The goal is to give the community a podcast outlet to satisfy their spinfoil needs, while trying to teach good theorycrafting habits and promote critical thinking and research practices. Link:
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Destiny Massive Breakdown- Massive Breakdown is the Destiny podcast that explains it all! Join hosts Mercules904, NKCougar, and Kyt_Kutcha as they turn their obsession with numbers and spreadsheets into a weekly audio geek out session like nothing else this side of Jupiter. Each weekly episode breaks down a new aspect of Destiny’s weapons and gear, as well as covering the latest updates from Bungie to keep your armory primed at all times. If you love theory-crafting with perks, digging through hidden weapon stats, and hunting for those perfect rolls, this is the show for you.
All credit to the above post goes to @MLG_Gaming2015