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Don the chimera
Don the chimera

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Hi all.

My name is Don the chimera, I am an XB1 player on destiny.

I am currently in a clan that has few active players and even fewer PvP players (and among them, few are good) and am wanting to join a more active clan.

I used to play on XB360 and that is where I got my destiny start. I hung up my controller after support for old gen was announced to be dropped, and recently upgraded to an XB1. I have started playing destiny regularly again and my game is coming back to me.

I prefer 3v3 gamesets, and Skirmish is my bread and butter (when I am not lone-wolfing it). I put up a fight in trials every weekend, and on this account I have been flawless 4x, 7x on my friend's account that I used to play on.

I am 24 years old, I have a mic, I live for the sweat, and am an easy-going guy looking to take the step to the next level. I realize that, unless I surround myself with better and better players, my skills will stagnate and I will never gitgud.

Please message me on XBL or on here or on if you feel I will be a good fit for your clan.

Below is a link to my stats on, feel free to take a look and lets have fun pub-stomping and visiting mercury!

Remember, Osiris is watching 0.o