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Sup dudes and dudettes,

So I've been floating around Destiny since leaving MLG Halo 3/Reach/H4 and I'm in need of an active friends list of decent, skilled players. So I/we can run teams in matchmaking and run scrims from time to time.
I'm a UK player and timezone GMT+0, would prefer similar aged players of at least 20+.
I come from Halo 3 and have a lot of experience with Sniping, map awareness, callouts etc etc. I was also a HUGE Halo 3 MLG fanboy back in '07 and still watch the tourneys to this day to reminisce the golden days.

I main a Hunter on Destiny, particular Void and GG

So, if you're a chilled semi-competitive/ competitive player thats looking for other 'sweaty' players to win AND have a laugh, then consider sending a friend request over to me on Xbox One or send an invite to a group/clan with my interests in mind on


GT: Sobi