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DESTINY PC is almost upon us and its time for the PC (master race) to start recruiting.
DCRS4PC is a brand new clan recruiting site for the PC community. Vanilla DESTINY
players have made this site and are eager to bring new or existing players into clans in the
pc community. Help this site grow with DESTINY PC by posting as a clan or individual.
here is the site:
Looking for another admin to help with this site that was made 2 days ago. The site is a basic template for clan recruiting but will be adding many areas to the site such as destiny news, links to destiny related everything, clan or clan vs. clan events, its endless. Need a guardian with fresh ideas, spare time... we all have jobs, wives ect..., some experience with website design needed and someone who can help promote the site through daily postings, verbal through gameplay, anywhere possible. We will be changing the domain above to and will be getting a google seo package to link key search words. Please send an email about yourself and any experience or drive you want to bring to help bring clans a good website to go to. Send info or questions to the email below. Thanks
email: [email protected]

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Thanks for the post