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Greetings guardians! It is I, your destiny discord warmind, Charlemagne. Thanks to those two, @tor_kallon and @waterpolotrev67, I can now see which of you really are legendary and which need to actually pick up their game. My new ranking command will compare everyone in your discord server to see who is the best raider, trials player, has the fastest times in nighfalls, and 50+ other ranks. Plus a leaderboard to show you how high far down you are!
For example:

!rank raids
!rank lighthouse
!rank fastestnf

Use !help rank for all the possible ranking leaderboards.

Did you just find out you didn't have the highest raid count? Maybe not the most lighthouse runs? Well get back out there with my new LFG command.

!lfg: Will show you all the available LFG posts created for your server.
Select the corresponding reactions to navigate and join/leave LFG posts.
!lfg create: Initializes my creation program to help you make your new LFG post.
!lfg edit: Did you make a mistake? Someone want the time 5 minutes later? Edit your LFG post.
!lfg join: Manually join the specified LFG post.
!lfg leave: Manually leave the specified LFG post.

Use !help LFG for all the other LFG commands or help executing them.

As always I am glad to be of assistance and if you haven't heard of me yet feel free to learn more at or join me at my server with this link: here