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Valor Corps Wants the Best
Valor Corps is now looking to strengthen its Crucible presence. If you are a Lighthouse regular or Sweaty player and are looking for a Destiny clan to really belong to, then consider joining Valor Corps.

About Us
Valor Corps is a PS4 clan, primarily based out of the Central/Eastern time zone in the US, but we have players from all over. Currently we are sitting at about 50 members. Valor Corps offers an in depth lore based ranking structure, Medals of Valor to earn while completing activities with the clan, custom character grimoire cards, and a chance to develop lore around your characters. Additionally, we are about to begin a series of tournaments called Title Tournaments, where the winner of each tournament will earn a unique title to be displayed on our members page.

We were featured in the clan spotlight on Guardian Radio's 209th episode. Click HERE to listen.

Why Join
Valor Corps has developed into a close knit Destiny Community and would love to add your diversity to the clan. We offer the best of clan experiences, people to play Destiny with, talk about Destiny with, share tips and rumors, friends to joke around with and just generally have fun with.
All of our communications are done through BAND and all of our scheduled events are posted there. We have events every week.

What we are now looking for
1. PS4 players
2. 18+ please no kids.
3. A Team Mate. Someone willing to lend a hand and help each other.
4. Responsibility
5. Highly Skilled Players
For more information on what we are looking for, click here.

All applications must be sent in through our website, HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.
Thank you