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So I used to play Destiny all the time, and was honestly above average for girls. Either way i stopped when that update came into play a long time ago with the special ammo, you know where you lose it after you die? So basically that screwed me over cause ALL i ever used was fusion rifles (and i'm amazing with fusions). Now it's sidearms galore, unless, there's been some changes at all? What im getting at is, i would love to get back into crucible and be kick ass again and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on which guns are most beneficial in the crucible now. Excluding Snipers. Never really used them in crucible to be honest. I'm a mid/close range person. Oh, also i only play as a Hunter (BladeDancer). Shotguns are my absolute, LAST resort as well. Since Sidearms rule supreme, which ones would be the best to obtain? Input? Thoughts? Thanks. -Vixey