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Valor Corps

Who we are:
Valor Corps is a PS4 clan consisting of about 48 members. We have our own website and communicate primarily through BAND.
Our clan has many excellent raiders and some good crucible players but we are now looking for highly skilled players.

Why Join:
Valor Corps is a smaller clan of dedicated members. We offer custom grimoire cards and the opportunity for each member to contribute to the lore of the clan. Additionally, we award Medals of Valor for completing various activities with clan mates. Every Friday up til the launch of D2 we will be having small tournaments called Title Tournaments. This weekly tourneys are meant to be fun and allow each member to earn a title like; "the Hammer", "the Swordsman", or "the Archer" etc.
Click HERE to check out our website's member page. (Best viewed on a computer)

If you are wanting to be a part of a strong, growing, Destiny community for the upcoming Cabal invasion then I encourage you to check out the Valor Corps.

Please submit applications through our website, HERE