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Serving Cayde-6 the best ramen in the world since 2017!

We laugh together, we joke together, we cry together. Yes, real adults shed tears and we use those tears to spice up the same spicy ramen that Cayde-6 has come to love.

We are a new clan, a group of like minded adults who first and foremost like to have fun! We are thick skinned and take it as good as we give it. We poke fun, we drink, we laugh at each others fails, and we do it in a non-spiteful way that leads to loads of fun and lots of laughs.

We primarily focus on PVE, but a few of our members have been known to get into a tussle in crucible and iron banner. If you're interested in giving the clan a shot, just click here to be taken to the Bungie clan page.

If you'd like to chat with a couple of our members, join our band. Clan membership is not required to join the band, we utilize it to schedule events and communicate with one another. Spicy Ramen Shop Band