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Fellow Guardians!

We are Ahamkaraz is a PC-Exclusive Destiny 2 Clan. I found this clan since i was tired of being alone in Destiny 1 and so i started out on the PS4 Day 1 Destiny veteran. We welcome all veterans and those who have recently joined the Destiny.

-Our Vision-
Our Vision is to create a community of mature like-minded members who respects everyone in the clan. I wanted to create group of gamers who stick together playing any game we all feel like playing forming strong bonds with each member so your never alone, i didn't want this group to be one of those large clans where you viewed as a number and not a member of the team who make you feel like a nobody playing with people you don't know. We will journey through the Story, Raids, Strike, Nightfall, Crucible and conquer in the D2's version of Trails.

Our main form of communication is Discord, an instant messaging and voice communications service that allows us to quickly group up for an activity, chat in real time, and post announcements.

- Age 20+
- Resident of NA or EU
- Active Daily [Weekly Resets]
- Must have a working microphone
- Must have Discord

NA East [EST]
Raid schedule - Friday/Weekends

Contact me through Messages and i will contact you back as soon as i can.

UPDATE: We've gotten 4-6 Guardians on-board and more are joining the team, So we are still looking for more to join us! :P