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Hi There Fellow Guardians,

With Destiny 2 changing the rules on Clan’s and Group’s decisions have been made. In my case, we decide to become a “Clan” and eliminate the Group. I’m sure lots of other founders and clan leaders had to make the same decision; therefore, lots of Guardians now find themselves without a Clan. Well, I’m here to tell you that could be a good thing, why? Well, continue reading!

My PS4 clan is currently recruiting new members, we are a small group right now (33 clanmates) and that's fine, why? Because we value "quality over quantity". There is no "requirements" to join.....we only ask for "active members" and people willing to help one another. We don't mind your "level" or "experience" in order to play with you! There is always someone “willing to help” online. We run all activities; both PvE and PvP on the daily.

We are not a group of “elitists” that only care about winning (however, we do a whole lot of that), NO, we care about having a good time and making friends in the process. We have members as young as 11 years old and as old as 40+. The language is rated M for mature (lol), obviously we take our audience in consideration during our party chats.

In case you are wondering; Semper Credo Tibi Lux is Latin for “Loyal to the Light”. I think is pretty suiting for the type of group we are, very loyal to one another. We have members from all over the world, UK, Israel, Latin America, USA, Australia, Russia, etc……so there will be always someone online willing to help.
Again, we are not trying to get to 20,000 members, on the contrary, we want “quality over quantity”. At the end this is supposed to be “fun” and not feel like a “job”. Most members are on during the afternoon (EST), but make no mistake about it: we always have someone online ready to push back the darkness and protect our own.

Our Motto:

“You tell them we are coming and Hell is coming with us”

Join Here:

See You Later Guardians!

FYI: Feel free to add me on PS4, you don’t have to be a clanmate in order for me to play with you and connect you with my over 300+ Destiny friends. Username: JAYT3MPO