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Present and Future Guardians would you like to join the new age.

About us,
We are The New Age of Guardians a new PC exclusive clan meant to give all players who join an edge from day one of Destiny 2. I myself am from year one of destiny and am switching over to PC and know the importance of having a good plan to back you up especially since clans will become an even more dynamic feature than it ever could be in the first game.

Why Are We Recruiting So Early?
The answer is simple clans are an important part of many aspects of gaming from completing raids consistently to having a set of players you can rely on to get things done. And the truth is clans like that take months to form a solid connection like that so by starting early you will have that connection to other solid gamers on day one.

Why are you using Discord?
Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming. Discord was born out of frustrations with the voice and chat tools we all use while playing games. It’s a bit strange that in 2017 most of us are using chat apps that haven’t been updated in years to play games that are updated every week. We deserve better.Discord brings gaming communication out of the stone age. It's free, easy to use,
and with you even while you are AFK.

Discord is essentially for gaming on pc with clans or guilds in most online pc games nowadays for those Destiny 2 Pc gamers who switched over to pc gaming for this game.It's quite easy to use and our server is set up and ready to go. And most Pc gamers will already have this program if so the invite is on the clan page and linked down below.

Sorry but yes there are a few Requirements, unfortunately. The first is you must get a discord account, as we just mentioned pretty important for the communication part of the clan. Next and last You must be at least 16 years old to join. Reason being I do not wish to censor our discord server.

Where Do We Sign Up?
If you still are here which I expect only the best of the gamers to be, then signing up is easy just go to and Message me at GoneByLaw, or check out our clan page


**The New Age of Guardians does not reference a pc master race it means we are trying to get all players the ability to experience the game to it fullest