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We are looking for a fourth that is consistently online and ready to be called upon as the fourth member of the main sweat team. We do 4v4s every opportunity we get. Our record with a pick up fourth is currently 2 Wins and 2 loses. All classes are welcome. Any play style; passive, aggressive etc. We run a Warlock Nova-bomb, Titan Striker (who will play sun-breaker if needed) and a Hunter tether. Any class is welcome. Just have a rough idea of the 4v4 rules, and we will explain them to you more in depth once you are in.
If you are interested, PS4 only, preferably European (due to the timezone differences)
Send messages to one of these two people (PSN names below) we will try and get you a trial (just a 2v2 to see how you play) Mic is 100% needed. Clan trials will begin 12/08/2017.
S4Mm13_JaY or I_IonViper_I - If you don't get message off of one of us, message the other person. DO not spam or will be ignored.