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Shotgun Academy

PS4 - X1 (Currently expanding to PC)


About Us

Shotgun Academy is a Crucible Improvement Discord Community.

We are a diverse group of mentors, students, redditors, content creators, gun-testers and meta-breakers that have united together as brothers in arms. Our goal is to establish a community, in which players of all skill levels come together and help each other improve their skill in Destiny's Crucible.

Our Goals

PvP: Currently we are preparing ready for Destiny 2’s Crucible, and with all game modes being 4v4 the best way to improve will be to always run with a squad. We currently have 300 dedicated pvp players in our discord that are all hungry to get on the grind to become the best and with the resources and skills we have acquired from 3 yrs of playing Destiny’s regular crucible, sweats, and Trials of Osiris. We would like to welcome you regardless of skill or knowledge to join us in the new and exciting grind.

PvE: Destiny 2 will have all new PvE experiences for us to conquer, and in light of this we have found those within our ranks who are skilled in the ways of old. We will have a place for those who enjoy shooting the enemies more than their friends as well. So if PvE is more your forte, we would love to have you in our ranks and help build a PvE community.

How Can I Join?

Below you will find a link to our official website with information about us and links to our Twitter, Community Montages and most importantly our Discord Server. Discord is a free PC/Phone app that we use to communicate out of game and to organize play sessions or just to chat. Once you join make sure to visit the #welcome channel. From there one of our admins will get you set up and give you a breakdown of what goes on and how get involved.

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