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We are looking for semi-dedicated players interested in mainly raiding and trials, gearing before the raid releases and other end-game PvP/PvE activities. Raids would be completed on weekends, so people with stricter schedule have time to join. My goal is to run raids / trials on every weekend, until everyone has gotten the gear they need. No hard dedication required, but of course you need to have high enough gear level to be useful in Raids/trials. No other requirements except have a working mic.

About me (clan founder): I am Destiny 1 veteran and I have lead some raids, completed lighthouse in trials almost every week on 3 chars and now looking forward to organize raids on PC. I played Destiny 1 until the Rise of Iron, since I didn't have time to play back then.

If you are not sure about joining yet, you can always join our discord and talk / play with us before deciding if you want to join the clan. :)
You can ask any questions here or in the discord.

Discord link:

Clan link: