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Hi All,

I've played a bunch of games but I plan to play a lot of Destiny 2. I've played a lot of stuff at a pretty high level, including HotS professionally for a little while (was top 15 on the ladder for a while and played in ESL Majors Season 2). I am a high master OW player, was a top 100 guild WoW raider at points, and was number 2 on the Halo Wars leaderboards back during the day.

I am looking for a close group or clan to play Destiny with. I prefer to play with other fun, but above average skilled players.

You can see here I had a pretty high KD in Destiny 1 and was quite good at crucible and am looking for similar players. Send me a message on PSN or here if you want and hopefully we can play together here in a few days.

PSN: FearAndArrogance