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Look at them...the land dwellers. Protecting and claiming a land, a planet that wasn't theirs to start. We sharks have been dormant for too long. It was us who kept earth safe before guardians were even conceived before zavallah...before the traveler. We have tried to reason only to be captured and put on display in captivity...but no more! We will claim it all! The galaxy will fear us, the gods will worship us, every being will tremble when they hear the name.....O G SPACE SHARKS!!!!

OGSS is an active clan from D1, moving over to D2. We are looking for new guardians to continue on with our journey. We will except new guardians as well as experienced guardians.

We are an 18+ clan. We only ask that you be mature, respectable, and helpful. This is a game and we look to have fun on the game. We do also take raiding and crucible serious at times. We don't tolerate any B.S.

We use the BAND app to keep in touch with the clan outside of the game itself. It is a requirement to download the app and join the chat. Same rules apply here to be mature and respectable of everyone.

You must be active in both the game and chat. If we have fellow sharks on and they ask for help we want our clan mates to help them out. If you join this clan you will not have to LFG anymore. We have more than enough Sharks to help everyone out. If you have any questions you can reach me on the bungie site at Jat240, PSN Jat240 or the band app itself at Jat240

I look forward to hearing from you fellow guardians.