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Welcome to The Salty Spitoon Jr.! We are a brand new clan, started by two real life friends, looking to expand with more virtual friends. We are located on the east coast, but anyone is welcome! No level or skill level are required, we just ask you to take it seriously and try to succeed, while still having fun. Looking to form a clan with guardians willing to run nightfalls, raids, strikes, crucible matches, or whatever a fellow clan member needs help with. We are most active around 6pm EST and on, until sleep gets the best of us.

clan of real life & virtual friends. We're currently at 12 members and looking for players of all shapes & sizes in the eastern and central time zones. We don't have any silly level or skill requirements. Though, we like to take this game seriously at times and accomplish challenges as a group. We believe success is best enjoyed as a community. Some of us are more PvP oriented, some of us more PvE, either way there's room for all. We're most active between 6-10pm EST.

The only rules are:
- Treat others with respect, don't be a total dick
- Try and make an effort to play and join clan mates a few times a week
- Must be willing to use a microphone for communication

Please respond here or messaged Blujew32 on Xbox One and I'll get back to you!