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Q. I have a question, or a problem not answered below.
A. We want to help. All staff members will be answer questions in this help forum. If you privately message one of us, who knows if we'll have the time to respond. Post your question in the help forum for the quickest and best service.

Q. Can I change the Xbox/Playstation account linked to my DestinyTracker account?
A. Yes, you can do that here (you may have to log in).

Q. Can I change my user name?
A. Yes, but you must have some reputation first. Currently you get 50 points for signing up which is the current value for username changes but if you've already used it, please contact Hey Im Swat with a valid reason on why you require a username change. You may change your name once per month. You can change it here.

Q. I have something cool. Can you promote it?
A. Yes, we'd love to if it's high quality. Contact a staff member here.

Q. I'm having an issue with Destiny, can you help?
A. We can help but support for in-game issues (such as error messages) will be limited as we aren't Bungie. Please refer to the Bungie help page.

Q. I was banned from the chat/forum/website recently, can I please be unbanned?
A. Please contact a member of staff.

Q. I'm having an issue with XXX, please help!
A. Please create a new thread in the Help Forum where a member of staff will help you ASAP.

Q. I recently donated to become a Premium User but I'm still seeing advertisements and not seeing my new features, can you help?
A. Try logging out and clearing your cookies/cache. If that doesn't work, please contact our admin here or at his Twitter account, @HTR_Xorth

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Updated, 03/14/2016.

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