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Currently building an "elite/rare" clan for Destiny 2 on PC for Launch. The Voidsent is going to be a clan based around having a small handful of people together for playing Destiny 2 across the board, PVP, PVE, Raids/Strikes, the whole 9 yards. If anyone is interested in the idea, I will also create a respective Discord for it as well which will be coming soon!

Apply here:

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I have a website 4 clan recruitment specifically 4 the PC Community. There's 63 clans that have posted
and over 90 members. Does't seem like a lot but considering it's not out on PC yet, that's
not bad. Please check out the site, become a member and post your clan there or look through the
clans if you are searching for one. The site also has LFG but obviously it hasn't been used yet. Keep
it in mind though when the PC version launches. It'll beat searching through all the console LFG's.
Here's a little about us and the site. Thanks

DESTINY PC is almost upon us and its time 4 clans to reach out to the PC community and start recruiting.
DCRS4PC is a brand new clan recruiting site 4 the PC community. Vanilla DESTINY
players have made this site and are eager to bring new or existing players into clans in the
PC community. Help this site grow with DESTINY PC by posting as a clan or individual.
here is the site: