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Please understand, that if you violate or abuse these rules and guidelines, your comments/posts may be deleted and you may be banned. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact a staff member. Moderators are welcome to apply their own judgement when dealing with any issues.

The following rules & guidelines apply to the Chatbox and Forums:

1) No links to anything pornographic, graphic, or offensive in nature.

2) No posting anything to do with or that encourages cheating of any kind. Including, but not limited to; boosting, tampering, manipulation, etc...

3) No personal attacks against another person, website, or group. People have the right to express the opinions, you have the right to express yours, opinions are not facts. There's no need to attack people for expressing their opinions. Keep any personal disputes to PM's.

4) No trash talking. Take your issues to Private Message, Private Group, or off the site.

5) No calling other players out. Posting their gamertags and making stupid/unnecessary comments is not allowed.

6) No excessive cussing, threatening, or abusive language. We also do not allow the use of any derogatory words, names, or terms regardless of if they are directed at a person or not. Any derogatory comments will be removed and the user banned for a set period of time.

7) No trying to bypass the profanity filter. Including, but not limited to; using symbols, numbers, omitting letters, rearranging letters, etc... We do have a Profanity Filter, but do not try and cheat the Profanity filter.

8) No spamming of anything. Including, but not limited to; links, repeat words or characters, posting in ALL CAPS, Bot commands, etc. This also includes any posts not related to finding groups within the LFG chats such as Twitch/YouTube channel advertisements.

9) You are allowed to post spoilers, leaks, and info about stuff. However, when posting spoilers please keep them to the forums and put **SPOILERS** in the title of the thread. Also, please use the spoiler BBcode.
[*spoiler] [/spoiler*] - Use like this, but remove the asterisks(*).
This is a spoiler

10) Please do not discuss Religion, Drugs, or Politics. Everyone has different feelings and opinions on these topics, and some feeling and opinions are stronger than others. These topics do not need to be discussed in the chatbox of forums. Any posts discussing any of these topics will be removed and the user(s) possibly banned depending on the subject.

11) Be constructive and positive in your posts and comments. If the conversation or topic is not something you care about subject, then don't post about it.

12) No advertising of boosting or selling accounts or gamertags. This includes promoting paid carries for Trials of Osiris, so-called 'Twitch Raffles' and other illegal activities. Promoting any of this will be met with an INSTANT ban. No warning will be given.

13) No advertising of modding games, J tagging consoles, or anything else along these lines. Promoting any of this will be met with an INSTANT ban.

14) People will credit your forum posts when they feel it is deemed necessary. Post useful and informative posts and you will receive credits. Do not try to boost your forum credits.

15) The public forums or chatbox are not places to call out cheaters. If you feel that someone has cheated, report them to Bungie, Microsoft, or Sony.

16) Forum Signatures - Just about anything goes as long as it follows the rules listed here. You can use a gif or a static image. Please keep your signature to a suitable size, max height of 150-200px. Inapproite signatures will be removed and if the content breaks any rule listed here, the user will be banned for a set period.

17) Please keep all chat and forum entries requesting help with a raid, strike, or simply looking for friends in the "Looking for Group" area. The general chatbox and forums are not the right place and posts will be deleted.

18) If you were recently banned, please contact Hey Im Swat via Private Message if you wish to protest the ban. The public forums and chat are not the places to do so. Any inappropriate comments made in PMs while discussing your ban may cause your ban to be extended, please be civil.

19) YOU are responsible for what happens on your DTR account. If someone takes your phone, computer or other device used to access the site and causes trouble, your account will face the same consequences as any other account.

20) Please keep all clan recruitment posts OUT OF THE CHAT and in the Clan Recruitment forum located HERE. Failure to keep clan posts out of the chat will result in deleted posts and possible a ban if it persists.

- This is your only warning. Bans will be issued first. Bans are considered a private matter and will not be discussed publicly. If you have been banned and have a questions about your ban, please contact staff member Hey Im Swat here. If you try to evade a ban, or you are a continuous problem, your ban duration will be extended and/or you will be IP Banned from accessing the site.

Thank you for being a member of DestinyTracker. We hope you enjoy the site and follow all of the rules so that you, and everyone else, can continue to enjoy the site and make DTR the best community around.

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