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6th Blood Reapers Division: Looking for players to create an elite team for the upcoming Destiny 2 on PC release! 18yrs or older+ please as this is an mature adult guild!
I am Veteran MMO player with multiple [Cutting Edge] achievements throughout several current and old MMOs: EQ, WoW, ESO, GW2.
We are progression minded (we get shit done!) but we also like to have fun as well. We have a fantastic sense of humor with a balance of determination on the content at hand. We treat people like the adults that they are, we expect the same courtesy in return. We also do a bit of trash talkin' to each other but nothing too brutal! Remember if you dish some out - be prepared to take some as well Our community also plays tons of other games: Overwatch, CoD, BFs, PUBG, WoW, ESO, and lots of others! Please feel free to add me on Discord: Dorak#7464, tag: West#1934, Origins: DorakX, steam: AFwest11