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Clan Name: Trials of Bullshyt
Systems: PC (main) and PS4
Time Zone(s): CEST
Online Hours: Usually in the early afternoon to late evening.
Style (Hardcore/Semi-hardcore/Casual): Hardcore to Casual (Depends who's playing)
Clan Status: Open Membership
Primary Language: English (preferred)
VoIP: Discord (PC, can be used for PS4) or PS4 chat.
Guild Recruiter: Snowy#21106 (BNET) and SnowyTheVampire (PS4)
Age requirements: 17+ (accept mature players). Please understand we use strong language and humor.
Clan Focus: Raiding/Fireteams/PVP/Trials(lol)/Wasting Time.
Time investment requirements (if any): Enough time per week to help clan level (your 5000 weekly contribution) and to possibly help other members with end-game content.
About the Clan: Most of us are OG Destiny 1 players waiting for Destiny 2 to release on PC. We realised that we had a very small PS4 community when players were struggling to get any rewards whatsoever.
How To Apply: You can join our Discord server, contact an Admin, or send a friend request. You can also apply directly to the clan via Bungie:
Extra Info: Please understand that we are mainly a PC clan, that started off on PS4, however as the year progresses, some of us plan to go back to PS4 as well. Please feel free to contact Snowy if you are interested in past lore, a query about the clan or need any info regarding Destiny on PC. (Most clan members haven't spoiled the campaign for D2) We have a small to no PS4 player-base and with this we hope to change that.

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I have a website 4 clan recruitment specifically 4 the PC Community. There's 63 clans that have posted
and over 90 members. Does't seem like a lot but considering it's not out on PC yet, that's
not bad. Please check out the site, become a member and post your clan there or look through the
clans if you are searching for one. The site also has LFG but obviously it hasn't been used yet. Keep
it in mind though when the PC version launches. It'll beat searching through all the console LFG's.
Here's a little about us and the site. Thanks

DESTINY PC is almost upon us and its time 4 clans to reach out to the PC community and start recruiting.
DCRS4PC is a brand new clan recruiting site 4 the PC community. Vanilla DESTINY
players have made this site and are eager to bring new or existing players into clans in the
PC community. Help this site grow with DESTINY PC by posting as a clan or individual.
here is the site: