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Chill group of dudes( and one female) looking to expand our clan. We have been together since that one time Xur sold the Gjallarhorn back in year one, and no, none of us bought it and then whined for like 5 months. As a matter of fact Frantic never got his, poor boy.

We welcome players of all calibers and sizes. We don't mind carrying people through the raid, nightfall, patrol, soccer at the farm, the floor is lava and trials. We're currently an Xbone clan, but some of us will be also playing on pc, once that meme comes out( It will probably be just me, but I carry HARD, so it's ok).

So If you're serious about not being serious, you just might have what it takes. Feel free to apply, although Metal is kind of a douche and it might take a while for you to get accepted( I asked if he would mod me, so I could handle this, but no ,I guess communism ain't dead).

PS. Mortal talks too much, Bitey bites, Frantic takes looong dinner breaks and Urban doesn't play Destiny anymore but we all hope he'll return one day.