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Welcome to The Vanguard.

We are a UK-based casual PvE/PvP family, one that welcomes both new and experienced players alike. We run Strikes, Raids, Crucible and everything in between! We even have a Youtube Channel to supplement the clan which features guides, gameplay and good ol' entertainment!
We are currently recruiting members to join the fight against the darkness, and whilst we realise that the threat is never-ending, we also know that Guardians who join our ranks in The Vanguard have other responsibilities, so our community is a safe and friendly environment to all.
We'd also love to hear feedback on what content to bring to our new channel, and are always open to new ideas!
Don't hesitate Guardian, join The Vanguard!

Link to clan page:
Link to Discord:
Link to our Youtube Channel:

Here are some FAQS to help you learn the ropes of our clan:

Q: How do the member roles work?
A: All members are promoted to “Guardian” upon registering with the clan on, once Guardians have completed two missions (strikes, story, or side missions) they will be upgraded to “Vanguard” which is the equivalent of an official member. Members who wish to have a more proactive role in the Vanguard can apply to become a “High Council” member- this is for anyone who helps out with the clan itself or our YouTube channel. The “Warlord” rank is reserved for the YouTube channel creator and lead.

Q: Where can I join the clan on
A: You can become a Guardian in The Vanguard by visiting us at This link is also available on theIf your Discord name is different to your Bungie ID, please let us know so we may confirm your status as a Guardian.

Q: What time zone are events displayed in?
A: Because we are a UK based clan (This does not mean we are a UK only clan, we accept members from all around the globe) we use BST in summer and GMT once daylight-saving ends.

Q: Are there any restrictions on who can join The Vanguard?
A: All members must be over 18 years old. We accept both noobs and veterans alike. Some of our members have been playing since the D1 beta, whilst others don’t even know what an engram is (yet)!

Q: How often will you be hosting events?
A: We have weekly events planned for the future, and will try to set up an infrastructure that allows people to RSVP to events, so please stay tuned!

Q: The site shows that you also accept PS4 members, is this not a PC only clan?
A: Whilst we primarily play on PC, if The Vanguard receives enough traction on PS4, we will allocate a High Council member to manage our community on console, however there are no plans at this moment in time.

See you soon Guardian!

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I have a website 4 clan recruitment specifically 4 the PC Community. There's 63 clans that have posted
and over 90 members. Does't seem like a lot but considering it's not out on PC yet, that's
not bad. Please check out the site, become a member and post your clan there or look through the
clans if you are searching for one. The site also has LFG but obviously it hasn't been used yet. Keep
it in mind though when the PC version launches. It'll beat searching through all the console LFG's.
Here's a little about us and the site. Thanks

DESTINY PC is almost upon us and its time 4 clans to reach out to the PC community and start recruiting.
DCRS4PC is a brand new clan recruiting site 4 the PC community. Vanilla DESTINY
players have made this site and are eager to bring new or existing players into clans in the
PC community. Help this site grow with DESTINY PC by posting as a clan or individual.
here is the site:

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Oooh. Will check that out, thank-you!

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little bump :3