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I am the founder of Terrasurgence, a PS4 Destiny 2 clan. The clan began as a way for my brother, our mutual friends, and I to enjoy Destiny 2 together. However, since the game's launch, we quickly discovered that the best way to take advantage of Destiny 2's clan features is to have more members. For that reason, we are now looking to fill our ranks in the hopes of levelling up the clan and building a more reliable cast of guardians to join us in Raids, Nightfalls, etc.

My goal for Terrasurgence is to build a casual clan-- one that is open and welcoming to players of all skills and backgrounds. This doesn't mean that we will not be enjoying all the game has to offer, of course. The members that we currently have are active players who enjoy raiding, as well as running the weekly Nightfalls and completing the other various milestones. We also have players who enjoy the Crucible, and who would love to begin running Trials of the Nine. Most of us are also experienced in all of the above, having accomplished each several times.

With that information out of the way, allow me to further elaborate on the clan itself. Terrasurgence is a portmanteau of terra (meaning earth) and resurgence (meaning a revival after a period of time). In this sense, Terrasurgence is a clan that should invoke the idea of Earth and its guardians rising to fight against its enemies after the devastation brought on by Dominus Ghaul-- very fitting, I think, given the story and lore of the game. With this in mind, our motto is "Lux Ultima," which is Latin for "Last Light," which holds several implications based on the game's themes.

For good measure, attached is a link to the clan's page on the Bungie website:

Anyway, thank you for your time! I have officially set the clan's membership to open. If you're looking for a clan to call home, feel free to join, and feel free to add me as a friend on PSN via Fallen_Graygon. Also, invite any friends who are also looking for a clan to call home!