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We are [Erased] of the Aegis, a new Destiny clan with one goal in mind--Have fun!

We are ideally looking for a few things in a new member:

-Willingness to play with us regularly
-No age requirement, just a maturity requirement
-You must also be someone who is willing to have fun :,) (tough, I know).

Inside our inner circle you will find two types of people that play in the Destiny universe.
-The first type is a casual gamer that focuses more on grinding and PvE type situations.
-The second is a PvP player, but not a die hard PvP or nothing type player.

Either way, we are looking for a solid group of gents/ladies to help lead us forth unto victory against any and all raids, trials, milestone completion, clan completion, etc.

We are Mostly from the U.S (some Canadian friends) and we typically play from 7pm-sometimes 5am EST. We do have full-time jobs so that comes first. We also no life on weekends.

*Side Note*-If you play other games, chances we do too, so feel free to ask!