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Cake Town is a Destiny 2 (PC) clan created by a group of friends who have been playing various games together for years. Our group is looking for new, friendly and cooperative members to share the Destiny 2 experience with. If you are looking for a small, friendly and tight-knit community for Destiny 2 on the PC, then we think you would fit in well here. Our clan is primarily focused on PVE, however there will definitely be no shortage of PVP if you decide to join us. Although, members of our community are primarily focused on the NA EST - timezone, we are open to anyone who we feel would fit in well with our group. We like to joke around and make fun of dan together, above all. So having said that, we hope that you take some time to consider joining us when making your Destiny 2 clan decision!

For more info on how to join, head over to our discord:

Quick rundown:
-Destiny 2 on PC
-Ages 20-30
-Casual and fun, but will get the job done
-PVE and some PVP