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Welcome to Caydes Crusaders! We are a close-knit community of guardians founded on the principles of helping others and including anyone with the maturity and humor to play without drama. We love to help out new guardians and guide people through the world of Destiny. We find that the best way to run a clan is not to recruit based off of hours played or gear earned, but the personality of the player and how they can contribute to the group dynamic. As long as you have a great sense of humor and can take the failures and triumphs in stride with the rest of us, we would love to have you join our community. We will not tolerate toxic players, period.

We have also recently announced weekly clan activities and contests with weekly discord rewards and monthly prizes sent out to the winners of each week's contest! Every weekly contest will be based around a different type of activity and will all be centered around engagement with other clan members. Join up to compete for prizes while playing our favorite game! If you are interested in joining, our process is simple. Request an invite on the page, then join the discord server (will message you the invite link). Once you are in the discord, hit up the admins and we can accept you into the clan! We do require activity in the discord so we can coordinate clan activities.

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