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The Kawaii Assassins [TKA] is formed by a group of laid-back experienced WoW Raiders and Guild Leaders/Officers (And more to come) who are setting their sights on Destiny to have a good time, and of course clear the content.

Who are we looking for:
Pretty much everyone who's laid-back (Relaxed), who has a sense of humor and is looking for a good time while wanting to clear content ( Strikes, Nightfall, Raids, ect) without to much pressure on them.
All current members are from EU countries, but everyone is welcome to join most of us are night owls anyways hehe.

Not much really
-Have a Sense of Humor ( And be able to handle adult jokes ofcourse ;) )
-Be Active, but we understand real life comes first as it should.
-Dont be toxic, nobody likes toxic people.
-If you are able to help a clan member, you are willing to do so.
-And of course be able to Type/Speak & Understand English, always nice when you can understand each other.

How to join:
-Join the clan: Clan Page (Bungie)
-You'll find the Discord link inside :).

And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask =].

Easy as that, hope to see you out there!

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Hi there,

Shot in the dark as it looks like you're maxed out - do you guys have any open spots?