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Send me "iPwNix" or "dabear" a message on the Bungie site or Discord "iOrion#8091" or "Dabear/Hontou#9602", applies without messages or just "hello ..." will be ignored.
We've had to many inactives and i don't plan to clean 50+ people every couple of weeks:

The Kawaii Assassins [TKA] is formed by a group of relaxed laid-back experienced WoW Raiders and Guild Leaders/Officers who have moved on to Destiny 2 to have a good time, and of course clear the content.
We have multiple groups clearing the Raids, Nightfall & Trials every week and are looking to for more people to join in on the fun!
We're not just a Destiny 2 clan, although we all play Destiny 2 daily we're a community and would like to keep growing that community, we currently have multiple games being played by our members ranging from Destiny 2 and The Division to Battlefront II and League of Legends.

We just did a little cleaning of inactives.

NOTE: Discord is now a requirement to be active on as stated above to grow the community even more we don't just play Destiny 2 all though we all play daily dont worry, of course you don't have to be playing anything 24/7 but please be active in discord and participate in chat (text only is fine) we wont bite... maybe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
We are casual and don't want to force people to play anything but we've had giant groups of players who just join for free weekly engrams and we want to avoid that so.
There will be a regular a cleaning of people who are inactive in chat (And have not told us they would be gone).

Who are we looking for:
Pretty much everyone who's laid-back (Relaxed), who has a sense of humor and is looking for a good time while wanting to clear content ( Strikes, Nightfall, Raids, ect) without to much pressure on them.
All current members are from EU countries, but everyone is welcome to join most of us are night owls anyways hehe.

Not much really
-Have a Sense of Humor ( And be able to handle adult jokes ofcourse ;) )
-Be Active, but we understand real life comes first as it should.
-Dont be toxic, nobody likes toxic people.
-If you are able to help a clan member, you are willing to do so.
-Please be somewhat active on Discord, this is the only way of tracking who is active and who's not.
-And of course be able to Type/Speak & Understand English, always nice when you can understand each other.

How to join:
-Apply here:
-We'll send you an discord invite as soon as we receive your message, please join Discord as soon as possible so you can join in on the fun and so we know that you are active :).

And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask =].

Easy as that, hope to see you out there!

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Hi there,

Shot in the dark as it looks like you're maxed out - do you guys have any open spots?


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We're again looking for new members to fill the ranks for Forsaken launch!

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Hey I sent a message over, I couldn't find your profile on Discord though.