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Hi TRN. First time posting, loved using your services while I was playing Battlefield and Overwatch, have since jumped over to Destiny 2 and thrown y'all a supporter sub.

I'm leading a large clan, just shy of 300 users, in Destiny 2 right now and we're beginning to rely more and more on TRN's clan stat pages. Frankly, the clan management in is hot garbage which gives us only the most basic management functions. (approve/reject apps, promote/demote admins, kick and ban, and that's about it) We're trying to come up with a way to measure individual user activity both in game and on our discord. So, I want to submit some improvement ideas regarding clan pages here that would be immensely helpful for clan leads and anyone doing research / digging into the actual activity numbers of any given clan. If any of these aren't feasible, just let me know, but hopefully they add some form of value to that section.

Relatively simple request first off: can a filter be added to the All PvE view to sort the clan list by the Time Played values?

Second, I know TRN tracks game session data wherever possible. By extension of that, do you guys store or calculate any value(s) of when said sessions occurred and how long they lasted? Ultimately I would LOVE to see an "activity" view in the clans interface showing the clan members list, with columns at minimum for date of last game session, total time played and a delta in-line showing change in total time played since the last measurement. Additional columns in such a view for total PvE time and total PvP time with deltas for each would be icing on the cake.

Overall TRN, I think you guys have something good in the clan interface and it needs a little spit shine and polish, but given the poor tools bungie has provided to clan leaders you have a prime opportunity here to enhance that interface and increase it's value to clan leaders on this title. Maybe that's a small target audience, but it'd make my job at least much easier :)


/ Lancer