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Greetings guardian. If you are like me then you have dream't of a clan that not only is active online but also has reliable members that contribute to the clan. Well look no further than Templar; a clan that not only is dedicated to playing Destiny 2 long term as per their "10 year plan" and includes members that are serious about raiding and Trials but also institutes a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

*This clan mostly operates on the Eastern Coast time zone and usually does raiding content from 5:30pm to 12:00am+
*If you are not comfortable with being on a twitch stream please let me know in advance.

Before making the decision that freedom of choice gives you (not implying that this recruitment page is systematically constructed to seduce you into joining regardless of your own conscious thoughts) we recommend check marking the following requirements:
1. Are 18+ (We will accept 17 only if you are a Jake Pauler).
2. Have even the smallest hint of a sense of humor.
3. Are not going to leave the raid after one wipe.
3. Have experience with other MMO RPG's.
4. Have or have had experience with semi-serious clans/guilds before.
5. (optional) You think WoW is pretty tight.
6. (Bonus points/Optional) You played Destiny 1.
7. Have a microphone and Discord.
8. Speak English or European.
9. Know when to get serious during a raid.

If you have at least 7/9 requirements then I can't wait to introduce you to my fellow clan mates. Though before you make any final commitments I want to make sure this clan is right for you. Please have a look at some of the activities to be expected in the clan:- Raiding (Prestige and Normal + Challenges)
- Nightfall/Prestige Nightfall
- Casual/Serious Raids (Depending on if its the first or one hundredth time)
- Trials & Iron Banner
- Casual Crucible
- Casual Strikes
- Grouping up for Public Events
- Making Friends in the discord

If you would like to join and feel that this is the right clan for you then please proceed to the link below:

If you have any question please feel free to add me @Dubledice#11156 or commend you battletag and question down below.

I look forward to hearing from you Guardian!